Thursday, January 19, 2012

9 Months

Today we went to Eliza's 9 month well check and she's looking healthy as can be.  She's still over the 97th percentile in weight and head circumference but hasn't grown much lengthwise and is at the 50th percentile.  She's trying hard to maintain that buddha-esque figure ;-)

It's been a month of changes and I am blown away by how quickly Eliza learns new things.

After a few weeks of trying and mostly failing with baby food I finally called the doctor - every night was a fight as E clamped her mouth shut at the sight of a spoon and promptly spit out anything we could sneak into her mouth.  We got the go ahead to skip baby food and move onto finger foods and that has been a huge relief.  While E still has trouble getting anything remotely sticky from the table to her mouth, she is doing great with rice puffs and loves freeze dried yogurt chips.  God forbid we try to put anything in her mouth ourselves though - this little girl is independent and wants to do it all herself!

Another big change we've seen this month is that Eliza is babbling like crazy.  She was pretty quiet (other than crying and yelling) up until around Christmas.  Now she has mastered pa-pa, da-da and ba-ba as well as the ever-amusing raspberry.

E is not quite pulling up all the way but can get one foot planted and the other knee up which is almost as effective. If you get her started she can stand for several minutes.  She got an activity table from Jeremy's sister and her family and she LOVES it.  It has really motivated her to get good at standing so she can bang on all of the instruments.

The big development came on her nine month birthday when she finally figured out how to get her little legs working and started crawling!  Little dingus waited until I was gone and did it for her daddy :-p  It is so cute, she still doesn't really know she can do it.  She'll just get really excited about something across the room, crawl to it and look around like "How the heck did I get over here?"  I'm sure that will only last for a couple of days and then all hell will break loose around here.  About that baby proofing I was going to do last month . . . . .

With all of the changes going on, Eliza has had a major sleep regression.  My champion sleeper from the early days has officially left the building.  A few weeks ago she started getting up every two hours to nurse, and then the last two nights she has decided that she must be held in order to sleep.  By me.  Only me.  I am pretty determined to avoid crying it out, so at this point am just surviving on coffee and the promise that there is sleep at the end of this tunnel.  Other than scaring the hell out of Jeremy with a 4am pillow punch and war cry the other night, I feel like I've been able to keep it together pretty well :-p

Alright alright, enough blabbing here are the pictures! :0)

Bahahaha toy explosion!!!

Fun with cousins!

She was so perplexed by the giraffes!


Nasty food face!

Bananas require stripping down!

Fun Christmas toys!

Conquering friend Jack

Sweet face

Monster jammies

SO much fun!

She loves to bang her head on the wall!

Fun table from the Ullmanns