Monday, February 11, 2013

ABQ/Santa Fe

Our last day in Albuquerque, Eliza and I hit up two more museums - the Children's Museum and the Rattlesnake Museum.  I know - rattlesnakes - yuck!!  But Eliza loves 'em and my only memory from visiting Albuquerque as a kid is of my dad scaring the crap out of me there so I sucked it up.

The Children's Museum was amazing and made me wish we lived in a city that had one.  It's nice to go somewhere where around every corner is something that makes Eliza light up.  Of course as soon as any younger kids would approach whatever station she was at, Eliza would freak out and we'd have to move on, but there was a high school field trip going on and she loved having the bigger kids to play with.  

The Rattlesnake Museum was much smaller and dingier than I remembered but it definitely delivered the promised hundreds of nasty nasty snakes.  One rattled at me when I leaned in to look and I swear my heart practically exploded.  Every logical thought of a thick pane of glass between us flew out the window.  Eliza enjoyed it though and we followed it up with a walk around Old Town.  
Rattly little bastard

On our way out of town, we all stopped at the Hot Air Balloon Museum where I would have loved to linger, but there wasn't much to entertain little miss so we moved along.  I would love to go to their Hot Air Balloon Festival someday though - the pictures looked amazing.

We drove to Santa Fe and stayed one night and one day before heading home.  I forget how much I love that city until I get there and then I don't want to leave!  I was bummed to only have one day, but we made the most of it, hitting our favorite restaurants and shops and (of course), swinging by Trader Joe's on the way out for a last grab at some TJ staples.  

Walking around Old Town Santa Fe, we came across these amazing fish that Eliza fell in love with.  We could have stayed for hours!

Jeremy was home for a week before three weeks in a row of travel kicked in.  Blech.  Looks like Eliza and I will be accompanying him to Florida at the end of the month so Eliza can meet more of Jeremy's family...I may even see LegoLand in our future!