Sunday, January 23, 2011

Austin Shower

Jeremy and I returned from our trip to Austin last week a little blown away by how little time we have left before Eliza arrives. I think getting all of this baby stuff has really sent the message home that this baby is coming!!!
We had so much fun in Austin seeing friends and family and eating tons and tons of Tex Mex. We got to meet two new babies - two of Jeremy's groomsmen have had little ones since we moved and they are both SO adorable. Royce's baby girl is six months old and Nick and Jenn just had a baby boy in November.
We both got practice holding the little ones, which was great!

Josh and Chandra threw us a super fun couples baby shower and we filled up their house!
So many people came and little Eliza got a TON of great stuff! We are so lucky to have so many friends and family who are as excited about this baby as we are. My mom very generously drove to Texas so that she could lug all of our stuff back with her and it was a good thing she did! In addition to all of the goodies we got at the shower, I also made an IKEA run to get a rug and a dresser for the nursery since the Denver store won't be opening until this fall.
Getting started on the presents

Jeremy - "Uhhh what the heck is this?"

Jeremy and I a tad overwhelmed by all of the gifts!

Granny loved the adorable Uglydoll that John and Mallory got for Eliza

My incredibly talented cousin Laura painted this for Eliza - it is getting framed for a place of honor in the nursery!

Mom handmade Eliza a super cozy quilt that I can't wait to use, as well as an adorable fluffy monster that Ginger is obsessed with. It's hiding in the closet right now but I don't know how we're going to keep it away from her - she loves fluffy things!

All of the adorable outfits that I can't wait to dress little miss up in!

I am 27 weeks today and baby has been very active the past couple of days. We had a birthday party for my mom last night and for the first time Eliza was showing off and gave kicks for almost every person there. She has also been getting the hiccups every couple days which is stinking cute! At six months, her eyes should be opening up for the first time as she masters the blink. Her lungs are also working, pumping through amniotic fluid constantly.
We start our birthing classes this week with the doula we chose to work with. I am very excited but disappointed because Jeremy will be in Jersey for the first class - very convenient! :-p Mom is going to stand in for him, though, so I shouldn't be alone. Tomorrow I also go to the doctor for the dreaded blood glucose test - wish me luck!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nursery sketches

Time is running short as I enter my last trimester and I am scrambling to catch up on the "big" things! Getting the nursery ready is definitely on the list of things to do, and since I am planning on painting a mural, this needs to get done asap. Originally I thought I might skip the mural, but seeing as I painted one for my cousins
and one for a friend of my cousin Kari
the pressure is on to perform for my own!

I was having trouble getting really excited about any specific mural, but Jeremy really wanted me to paint monsters in Eliza's room. Think cute, cuddly Monster's Inc. style monsters, not big, scary eat-you-while-you-sleep monsters. I've definitely had mixed reactions telling people about our plans, seeing as it's not exactly what you would call traditional - but as I've started sketching and playing with ideas I've gotten more excited.
Below are my favorite sketches so far. Because baby girl's room is pretty small I don't know if they will all make the cut, so tell me - which ones do you like the best?