Monday, June 25, 2012

14 Months

Once again I'm way behind on blog updates.  My computer has been finicky lately and the act of uploading pictures takes foreeeever so I've been using that as an excuse.  However the complaints are rolling in, so I'm sucking it up and gettin 'er done!

Things have been going good here, though the last few days we've been tensely watching the Waldo Canyon Fire which is uncomfortably close to the city.  We are across the highway from it so it poses no real threat to us, but the threat it poses to the Springs and nearby towns is very scary.

This was about 2 hours after it sparked

We are getting prepped to leave for California next week.  Jeremy has to do some work in LA and we found Eliza and I a cheap ticket so we can join him.  While there we are going to go visit some of my best friends from my Italian study abroad trip in San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz.  We are really excited to see them, and  for Jeremy to have some down time.  We also can't wait for some cooler temps :)

Eliza is growing and changing fast.  She can walk pretty solidly but still doesn't have the confidence to replace crawling.  For the most part she just likes to walk between two people in the living room as more of a game than a functional method of transport.  She has picked up a lot of new signs which is fun and she's cutting some molars which isn't so fun.  Eliza is also showing the telltale signs of toddlerhood - whining, stealing toys from other kids, etc.  She is a very passionate very fun child, but we are in for a crazy couple of years, no question!  Her favorite things to do right now are play outside, go swimming and climb.  She loves to climb onto the back of the couch and watch the dogs out the window.  If it were up to her she would just eat strawberries, spaghetti and graham crackers all day.  We are in the process of night weaning which means I'm usually up with her a couple of hours each night soothing her.  I'm hoping to be done by the time we leave for California so cross your fingers for us!

Of course it's been two months since I blogged so here's another jillion pictures and a few videos :)  The first ones are from Eliza's birthday - Erin did a photoshoot for us and as usual they turned out fantastic.  She is awesome!

On her actual birthday - celebrating with an Oreo :)

Little hood rat

 Jeremy and I went to the LegoFest in Denver.  E was sick so it was just us but we still had a blast :)

Eliza spent about a week quarantined in the house with hand-foot-and-mouth disease.  Then Jeremy and I got it.  Yuck!  It was a rough couple of weeks but she got some good daddy snuggles in :)

Gandalf the Gray

Yoga baby!

Fun in the sun



This is how she sleeps in her crib 90% of the time.  Silly kid :p

Fun at the zoo


Walkin with Daddy


I was lucky enough to catch the first steps on camera :)

A couple of weeks later, much more controlled

Nothin better than baby giggles!