Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One month to go/Monster Madness

As of Thursday, we are looking at one month until Eliza is scheduled to make her entrance into our world! She is due on Easter and we are kind of hoping she will be one of those rare babies that actually come on their due date. Not only is it MUCH more convenient with my maternity leave if she doesn't come early, but we figure the hospital should be pretty much dead on Easter day as nobody will have anything scheduled. We toured the hospital on a Sunday and it was dead - so send your baby vibes for Easter day!
I have been fighting a pretty nasty bug the past few weeks so it's been pretty rough, but today I feel (mostly) human so it looks like the course is almost run. I spent four or five days throwing up and then literally the day after that stopped I got a horrible cold that I have just not been able to kick. Nothing can make a nasty head cold even more miserable like a 35 week fetus in your belly! Really though I have been pretty darned healthy throughout this pregnancy considering I work in a germ-infested school library - but dang I am ready to feel better.
We are feeling a bit closer to being ready here at the Grolnar house with the nursery basically complete! I finished the monsters a couple of weeks ago and then my sister came and painted in bubbles for me since I was feeling too large and in charge to climb up on a ladder anymore. She did an awesome job and I am so thrilled with the results. Mom and Dad helped by putting up a chair rail and painting underneath for me and Brett and Jermanie have been helping a ton just getting the house ready in general. We are so lucky to have a family excited and willing to pitch in to make things ready for our new addition.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Maternity Shoot

I'm stuck home for the second day this week with a nasty stomach bug - hating being so useless! But it does afford me some time to go through the maternity photos that my cousin Erin took for Jeremy and I last weekend. Erin is incredibly talented and is trying to build up her portfolio . . . lucky us! Her brother and sister-in-law John and Kim shot our wedding and their entire family seems to be blessed with an inordinate amount of photography talent. We had so much fun at the photoshoot - as evinced by the fact that we are laughing in almost every shot :-p This slideshow has just some of my favorites.
Thank you Erin for capturing such an exciting time for us!